Entrepreneurs: Do We Have An Opportunity For You!

HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore is on the search for new products.

We know that the Spirit of America is alive and well in the homeschool community. That ingenuity and entrepreneurialism are not lost to days gone by. We want to celebrate it, promote it and make it part of America’s character again. Okay, so now that we have shown you our patriotic tendencies, what does it mean for you? Well, we at HS Loft think we have a win-win situation for all involved: you, us and America. We now offer a consignment opportunity for you to have a platform for your homeschool book or product. You get to concentrate on using your creativity to enhance your current product or make new ones up while we work hard to sell your items. As for America, well, she gets to grow stronger and stronger in the process. So if you have a great product already made, email us for our consignment agreement. Who knows, this may be the beginning of something BIG!



Robert & Stephanie Doyle

Staff at HS Loft





HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore

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1-877-312-5638    www.hsloft.com Stephanie@hsloft.com


New Product Consignment Agreement

  1. All books and products are accepted for consignment at the discretion of the staff at HS Loft.
  2. Selling price will be agreed upon by both consignee and HS Loft.
  3. Consignee is to provide a supply of at least 2 of the item that is being consigned.  Consignee is also to provide a written description of the product and a digital picture. Item will not be placed in the store or on the Internet store until that is done.
  4. HS Loft and consignee may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice.
  5. HS Loft is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  6. Consignee will receive 50% of the selling price. Checks are sent quarterly if the consignee’s total is $10.00 or more. When under $10, the balance is carried over to the next quarter.

I have read and agree to the above terms: Date:____________







HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore’s First Acquisition

We have been able to acquire quality inventory for you all from a retiring homeschool bookstore in our state. It is a win-win situation. They have been in business for 14 years and are ready to retire. So what does that mean for you?

Lots and lots of quality A Beka books at great prices! Visit HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore to view and purchase the thousands of A Beka books we have available. Don’t forget we have lots of items that would make great gifts too.

New Catholic Inventory

We have received a large shipment of new Catholic homeschooling books. You can browse at www.hsloft.com or call me at 770-552-0034

Keeping it Catholic
Vision Books (saints)
Catholic Books
Coloring Books
Treasure Box
Word Power (Revived spelling program from catholic schools, written by nuns: Sister M. Josephina, C.S.J. Sister M. Florence, S.S.N.D., Sister M. Pierre, S.S.N.D.

Stephanie Doyle
HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore
555 Sun Valley Drive
Suite K3
Roswell, GA 30076

Potty Training & Phonics: What’s the Connection?

In my opinion,  a lot more than you think!

Here is a list of similarities:

1. Both are paramount skills that one must learn in life.

2. Both seem insurmountable to the first time mom.

3. Both have a timing factor: you may be ready but your child must be on board  too or forget it.

4. Both have way too many people and companies making it more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

5.  Once your mission is accomplished you can’t believe you fretted so much over it!

So remember, no one goes off to college still in diapers and you won’t even be going to college until you can read anyway!

Fear not, both will be accomplished. No need to fret or stress out, just take a deep breathe and live in the present moment.

If you want or need advice on choosing a phonics program, call HS Loft New & Used Homeschool Bookstore for a curriculum consultant at 770-552-0034 or email stephanie@hsloft.com

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Stephanie Doyle

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All your MODG books needed right here both new and used!

I have created a link for each book so that you can get all the information (description, price, condition etc) all in one spot. You can email with any questions or call at 770-552-0034. Acceptable payments are: MC/Visa, Cash (if local) MO or personal check.

FS: Books to Fulfill MODG

The following list is brand new:

Vision Books on Saints $9.95, click here for more information

Usborne Greeks (IL) $12.99, click here for more information

Latin Words Sticker Book $8.99, click here for more information

Make this Mummy book $9.95, click here for more information

Who were the Vikings? $4.99, click here for more information

Time Traveler (takes the place of Pharaohs  & Pyramids) $22.99, click here for more information

AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISTS 24 ART CARDS $6.95, click here for more information

Christ and the Americas $24.00, click here for more information

Mass and the Sacraments $12.50, click here for more information

God King: $13.95 click here for more information

More once upon a time saints $ 9.95, click here for more information

The following list is used:

Latina Christiana Teacher Manual Book 2 with CD, $15.25, click here for more information

American Government Set for Abeka $24.75, Click here for more information

Darwin’s Black Box $9.75, Click here for more information

MODG 4ht Syllabus (2003) $14.75, click here for more information

FS: LLATL (Learning Language Arts Through Literature)

LLATL yellow teachers

Blue level Student:                   $16.75

Yellow level Student                  $ 14.25

Yellow level TE & Student Set   $31.50

Purple level Student                 $14.25

Purple level TE & Student Set   $31.50

Purple level TE                          $17.25

Purple level TE (older ed)                   $7.75

Purple level Student (older ed) $6.75

Orange level TE & Student Set  $31.50

Orange level Student                $14.25

Orange level TE                        $17.25

Green level Complete Set with 3 books included (brand new) $44.75

To view any of the above, click here.

Stephanie Doyle

If ever a link does not work you may visit www.hsloft.com directly.

Educational Kits Now at HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore

space fun kit dover

These are great as supplements when your children are learning about Marine Life, Egypt, Angels, Fairy Tales, and Space & Astronomy. They also are great as birthday presents, special rewards and Christmas!

Each kit contains different, unique items so for more details, click here.

Kits range from $16.95 to $19.95 and can be shipped MEDIA MAIL!
If ever a link does not work you may visit http://www.hsloft.com directly.
Stephanie Doyle

egypt fun kit dover

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The Greatest Stickers I Ever Saw…Adults will even want them

italy stickers

italy stickers 2

To Purchase or For More Information, Click Here.

These stickers are 7 x 5 inches in size! I never thought, I the bargain hunter, would ever consider paying $5.95 for some stickers. Well, these stickers have changed my mind. They are awesome in quality and style. They come in a luggage with velcro and each are approximately 5 inches wide! These are absolutely perfect for when you study geography or social studies and you make folders, notebooks or pretend passports or luggage for each country or state that you go to. Perfect for Sonlight, CHC and K12 curriculum. They also make great gifts for teachers, artists, travelers, and stocking stuffers.

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Peppermint Pencils….They are the neatest pencils I know of

peppermint pencil

Click Here To Purchase Or For More Information

Peppermint Pencil….oh how I wish your nose could work over the Internet.

Our Peppermint Pencil is simply a wonderful gift or reward for your student. It is great when a child is struggling through a subject to pull out the Peppermint Pencil for some extra motivation. These pencils are also great when taking tests. (Order now before the test season is upon you in October!) Some say these pencils actually improve test scores. I’m not kidding. Apparently the peppermint scent awakens certain chemicals in the brain. I know I need all the help I can get. These aromatic instruments make great gifts, stocking stuffers, present toppers, rewards, and are an enhancement to the learning experience.

Note: The scent does last the life of the pencil. At least the one we own do!

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Calling All Homeschool Hybrid Schools (or Private Schools Too!)

We have a great opportunity for a small homeschool hybrid or a small private school. We have the following in GREAT condition:

Voyages in English Writing & Grammar 6: Copyright of 1999 by Loyola Press. 534 pages total. 17 chapters covering: writing stories, paragraphs, writing letters, different kinds of writing, library skills, speaking and listening skills, verbs, pronouns, nouns. adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections, phrases, clauses and sentences, punctuation and capitalization and model diagrams.

30 Hardback Voyages In English Writing & Grammar 6 Textbooks for only $9.75 each! Retail is $24.95, that means you save $15.20 EACH BOOK.  Okay….Math Time: If you have a school buy 30 books at $24.95 per book and another school buys 30 books for only $9.75 per book, which school would you like to send your children to? 🙂

okay…now the real math.  Buying the 30 books at retail is a total of $748.50. Buying from HS Loft the same 30 books is only $292.50. That is a savings of $456.00

Next incredible  purchase can be:

Spanish Is Fun: From AMSCO and it is 549 pages. It has 21 chapters with resources in the back of the book. This is the 2nd (and current) edition. It is a great book because it is a textbook and workbook all in one hardback book. It is perfect for a homeschool setting.

29 Spanish Is Fun for only $13.75 each. Retail is $34.00 each, that means you save $20.25 EACH BOOK! Again if you bought all 29 at retail you would spend $986.00. Buying the same books from HS Loft is only $398.75. That is a savings of $587.25. We are talking real money!

Last but not least, We have

29 Companeros Spanish for Communication Book 1: for only $19.25 each. Retail is $36.00 each, that means you save $16.75 EACH BOOK! Again if you bought all 29 at retail you would spend $1,044.00. Buying the same books from HS Loft is only $558.25. That is a savings of $485.75!

This is a hardback edition.
At the beginning of each unit, you will find the TOOLS section that contains all the words (VOCABULARY) and grammar points (STRUCTURE) for the entire unit. They are given to you at the beginning so that they will be available as you need them.
This book is designed to help you talk about the past, present and future in Spanish as early as possible. There are a lot of pictures to give you visual clues that will help you learn and remember vocabulary. There are also many dialogues and readings that show people interacting with each other in setting that will be familiar to you. In addition to learning language, you will also learn about culture-that is, the way Hispanic people live.
You will soon meet Paulina and her friends. They are Americans of Hispanic heritage attending high school, and their lives are much like yours. As you follow their experiences throughout  this book, we hope they will become your companeros (friends).

Of course, these books are available to individual homeschoolers to purchase one at a time.

To view all or any of this books, please click here to be transferred to our store.