Free To Be and To Teach About Chocolate!

Oh the exhilarating freedom of homeschooling!! It at times must be the same feeling one has if you were to sky dive. Please somebody let me know because although I won’t blink an eyelash as I jump off the homeschool mountain I can assure you that I will not be jumping off a real mountain in the near future. But now let’s get back to the important stuff like chocolate.

You see it is my turn to teach class at co-op and this fall semester we are focusing on inventions. I happened to believe that the chocolate bar is a worthy invention that all should know about. Do you know where the cocoa beans comes from? At this point I am assuming that you knew that chocolate starts out as a bean, a bitter one at that.  What continent did it travel to in the 1500’s and who brought it there? Who was able to get it and in what form? What did Francis Fry have to do with anything? What is the story of competition with Hershey, Godiva, Ghirardelli & Nestle? Most importantly, who makes the best chocolate?? 🙂

Today I search Atlanta for raw or roasted cocoa beans. I thought I had it all taken care of when I thought , “Ah..Dekalb Farmers Market will have it.” Good thing I called yesterday, they don’t. Well, I least I know where to get the taste samples from!

So there you have it ….chocolate and homeschool, what more do I need?

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