Potty Training & Phonics: What’s the Connection?

In my opinion,  a lot more than you think!

Here is a list of similarities:

1. Both are paramount skills that one must learn in life.

2. Both seem insurmountable to the first time mom.

3. Both have a timing factor: you may be ready but your child must be on board  too or forget it.

4. Both have way too many people and companies making it more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

5.  Once your mission is accomplished you can’t believe you fretted so much over it!

So remember, no one goes off to college still in diapers and you won’t even be going to college until you can read anyway!

Fear not, both will be accomplished. No need to fret or stress out, just take a deep breathe and live in the present moment.

If you want or need advice on choosing a phonics program, call HS Loft New & Used Homeschool Bookstore for a curriculum consultant at 770-552-0034 or email stephanie@hsloft.com

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Stephanie Doyle

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Free To Be and To Teach About Chocolate!

Oh the exhilarating freedom of homeschooling!! It at times must be the same feeling one has if you were to sky dive. Please somebody let me know because although I won’t blink an eyelash as I jump off the homeschool mountain I can assure you that I will not be jumping off a real mountain in the near future. But now let’s get back to the important stuff like chocolate.

You see it is my turn to teach class at co-op and this fall semester we are focusing on inventions. I happened to believe that the chocolate bar is a worthy invention that all should know about. Do you know where the cocoa beans comes from? At this point I am assuming that you knew that chocolate starts out as a bean, a bitter one at that.  What continent did it travel to in the 1500’s and who brought it there? Who was able to get it and in what form? What did Francis Fry have to do with anything? What is the story of competition with Hershey, Godiva, Ghirardelli & Nestle? Most importantly, who makes the best chocolate?? 🙂

Today I search Atlanta for raw or roasted cocoa beans. I thought I had it all taken care of when I thought , “Ah..Dekalb Farmers Market will have it.” Good thing I called yesterday, they don’t. Well, I least I know where to get the taste samples from!

So there you have it ….chocolate and homeschool, what more do I need?

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FREE Magazine

I came across this and it is hard for me to resist anything free or a good bargain. Aren’t you glad that I am the buyer for HS LOFT Homeschool Bookstore?! Anyway, here is some information for you to decide it you are interested. I am copying straight from their website:

Rising from the past like an avenging angel, The Tarpeian Rock is the bane of post-modernists, profligates, and purveyors of literary and artistic stultiloquy everywhere. For too long, mediocrity, absurdity, and obscenity have dominated the worlds of art and literature. Inspired by a satanic vocation, the enlightened experts have spent the last hundred years or so declaring the beautiful trite, and the ugly transcendent. And what do we have to show for this century of confusion? Piles of rusting metal that some consider sculpture; Meaningless novels which celebrate moral and cultural relativism; Poetry that is nothing but flaccid prose with bad line breaks; The expurgation of God from public discourse except as an object of criticism. The finest galleries house art that could easily be replicated by a troubled five year-old. Everywhere there is an infantile obsession with pornographic titillation.

In this milieu, The Tarpeian Rock provides a welcome counter-punch. This is a magazine that discerning readers enjoy and yet feel comfortable leaving on the coffee table where their kids might see it. Called “the work of a coterie of committed and practiced writers” by Literary Magazine Review, The Tarpeian Rock includes works both sober and humorous. Clever short stories are featured alongside insightful opinion pieces with the main theme being an appreciation for God, country, and traditional values. Pieces that extol a particular virtue, like faith, courage, loyalty, honesty, love, hope, or compassion are particularly welcomed. Also satirical pieces that really take the gloves off in attacking relativism, nihilism, pseudoscience, political correctness, or cultural vulgarity are given pride of place.

Click here to get the information to receive your free copy.

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So much for a quiet week off!

Okay, this week (Sept 14-18) was scheduled as one of our few “math only” weeks. It is meant for a mental rest from school and for mom to catch up on all the things that have gone to the wayside.

Well, it is Thursday and I still have 6 loads of laundry to do. No, I am not kidding. What happened to the time? I think Monday will pretty much explain it. We first drove from Roswell Georgia to Athens Georgia to purchase some wonderful used books for you. Since it is an hour and a half drive I took the girls to the little FREE zoo they have in Athens. I love it! We discovered by accident about 2 years ago. It is called Bear Hollow Trail and you can click here for more information. Then we drove home. My in-laws were to pick the girls up and take them to their house at 4pm and return them back to us the following day at 12pm. I went to Costco after that BY MYSELF. If anyone ever told me that I would feel peace and joy in Costco by being by myself I would have questioned that persons sanity. Now, I question mine because I did fell joy and peace! After that I returned home, unload the hundreds of dollars of precious cargo, and proceeded to get ready to travel to Decatur Georgia to watch my husband at an open mic at Eddie’s Attic.  It was very nice and he did a great job. We then grabbed a bite to eat at Majestic Diner in Atlanta. We arrived home at 1am! Haven’t done that in a while! And that was just MONDAY! I logged 250 miles on the van that day!

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Unusal Gift Ideas….No More Same ol’ Target/Walmart Plastic Gifts!

I have a lot of unique products that are great for gifts, rewards and enhancements for whatever you are studying.

I have the neatest peppermint smelling pencils for $2.00

If you are studying art history I have books that explore dogs and cats through art history. They are called Hooray for Dogs & Hooray for Cats. I have a Van Gogh art activity pack.

Are you studying ancient Egypt?? I have many awesome books and kits.

Sometimes religion can be a bit boring for your students, so you can bring it all together with an angel arts and craft kit or a cathedral stained glass coloring book.

I have tea time and fun in the kitchen books that are hard to find. Have fun with your little girls this autumn!

Are you studying American History? One of my favorites is the Abraham Lincoln Discovery Kit.

There even is something fun for Latin! Yes…Latin. I have a Latin word sticker book to inspire your student to keep plugging along in his/her Latin studies.

Click here for more information on any of the above items and more…

Stephanie Doyle



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A Friendly Board of Education

It is a classic game for a reason. It is challenging, doesn’t rely on pure luck, and it is different every time you play.  What is it? It’s Scrabble, of course!

Now, honestly, I do not like it and you can find out why by reading my article on Latin (click here).  But it is a good game as my mother in law, Melanie, and my good friend, Christy, will try to convince me. I am sure they will jump at the chance to be my daughter’s personal trainer next year for the National School Scrabble Championship. Really, if you think about it, it is the ultimate unit study: vocabulary, math, dictionary use, spelling, spatial relationship, and character building. (No pouting allowed!)

So if you too are a Scrabble lover, I am sure Melanie and Christy would love to hear from you and I am sure you would love to know more about the National School Scrabble Championship.

Here is some basic information.  It is for grades 5-8 and you must register at their site:  Add your school

Also, Scrabble is looking for input from homeschoolers! Click here to read the short article.

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All your MODG books needed right here both new and used!

I have created a link for each book so that you can get all the information (description, price, condition etc) all in one spot. You can email with any questions or call at 770-552-0034. Acceptable payments are: MC/Visa, Cash (if local) MO or personal check.

FS: Books to Fulfill MODG

The following list is brand new:

Vision Books on Saints $9.95, click here for more information

Usborne Greeks (IL) $12.99, click here for more information

Latin Words Sticker Book $8.99, click here for more information

Make this Mummy book $9.95, click here for more information

Who were the Vikings? $4.99, click here for more information

Time Traveler (takes the place of Pharaohs  & Pyramids) $22.99, click here for more information

AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISTS 24 ART CARDS $6.95, click here for more information

Christ and the Americas $24.00, click here for more information

Mass and the Sacraments $12.50, click here for more information

God King: $13.95 click here for more information

More once upon a time saints $ 9.95, click here for more information

The following list is used:

Latina Christiana Teacher Manual Book 2 with CD, $15.25, click here for more information

American Government Set for Abeka $24.75, Click here for more information

Darwin’s Black Box $9.75, Click here for more information

MODG 4ht Syllabus (2003) $14.75, click here for more information