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It is a classic game for a reason. It is challenging, doesn’t rely on pure luck, and it is different every time you play.  What is it? It’s Scrabble, of course!

Now, honestly, I do not like it and you can find out why by reading my article on Latin (click here).  But it is a good game as my mother in law, Melanie, and my good friend, Christy, will try to convince me. I am sure they will jump at the chance to be my daughter’s personal trainer next year for the National School Scrabble Championship. Really, if you think about it, it is the ultimate unit study: vocabulary, math, dictionary use, spelling, spatial relationship, and character building. (No pouting allowed!)

So if you too are a Scrabble lover, I am sure Melanie and Christy would love to hear from you and I am sure you would love to know more about the National School Scrabble Championship.

Here is some basic information.  It is for grades 5-8 and you must register at their site:  Add your school

Also, Scrabble is looking for input from homeschoolers! Click here to read the short article.

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Homeschool Contest


We have a few contests in place. One is for parents and one is for the children. First the parents: Submit an original article on how you begin your school year. You may email your submission to: Stephanie@hsloft.com and please title your email at parents contest. The winner will have their article published in our next newsletter and win a free book of choice (maximum of $15.00 retail price).

For the children’s contest they will be asked to draw a picture of your family’s special way to start the school year. They may submit only one picture per child and they can choice any medium they desire. You can mail it to us at: HS Loft 555 Sun Valley Drive Suite K3 Roswell GA 30076 or if you want to submit it via the Internet you may email it to me at Stephanie@hslfot.com. Please place your name and age and a phone number on the submittal.The winner will receive their choice of either a new pack of 24 Crayola crayons or  8 pack Crayola markers and a new artist’s sketch pad. Plus their artwork will be displayed on our website and in the next newsletter.

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