Entrepreneurs: Do We Have An Opportunity For You!

HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore is on the search for new products.

We know that the Spirit of America is alive and well in the homeschool community. That ingenuity and entrepreneurialism are not lost to days gone by. We want to celebrate it, promote it and make it part of America’s character again. Okay, so now that we have shown you our patriotic tendencies, what does it mean for you? Well, we at HS Loft think we have a win-win situation for all involved: you, us and America. We now offer a consignment opportunity for you to have a platform for your homeschool book or product. You get to concentrate on using your creativity to enhance your current product or make new ones up while we work hard to sell your items. As for America, well, she gets to grow stronger and stronger in the process. So if you have a great product already made, email us for our consignment agreement. Who knows, this may be the beginning of something BIG!



Robert & Stephanie Doyle

Staff at HS Loft





HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore

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1-877-312-5638    www.hsloft.com Stephanie@hsloft.com


New Product Consignment Agreement

  1. All books and products are accepted for consignment at the discretion of the staff at HS Loft.
  2. Selling price will be agreed upon by both consignee and HS Loft.
  3. Consignee is to provide a supply of at least 2 of the item that is being consigned.  Consignee is also to provide a written description of the product and a digital picture. Item will not be placed in the store or on the Internet store until that is done.
  4. HS Loft and consignee may terminate this agreement at any time with written notice.
  5. HS Loft is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  6. Consignee will receive 50% of the selling price. Checks are sent quarterly if the consignee’s total is $10.00 or more. When under $10, the balance is carried over to the next quarter.

I have read and agree to the above terms: Date:____________







HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore’s First Acquisition

We have been able to acquire quality inventory for you all from a retiring homeschool bookstore in our state. It is a win-win situation. They have been in business for 14 years and are ready to retire. So what does that mean for you?

Lots and lots of quality A Beka books at great prices! Visit HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore to view and purchase the thousands of A Beka books we have available. Don’t forget we have lots of items that would make great gifts too.

Homeschooling Under Attack in the UK

Apparently there is an organization called the CES (Catholic Education Services) that SHOULD BE DEFENDING Catholic homeschoolers in the UK but instead have sided with their government for not so friendly terms in establishing laws and/or regulations regarding homeschooling in the UK.

Read this to start with: CES broadly supports Government Homeschooling proposal

I am not completely well versed in the history or current state of homeschooling in the UK. However it seems like it is what the US was like with homeschooling in the late 70’s and 80’s. I think the homeschoolers in the UK would value much from hearing from those veteran homeschooling parents who fought for it to be legal in the US. I do not know how to find this group of people, so you will have to find me. If you are someone whom I should thank with all my heart for reaping the fruit of your struggle and sacrifice, please email me at stephanie@hsloft.com if you would like to assist homeschooling family in the UK in their struggle.

Now Available: Full Homeschool Consultations

You pay for only what you need! There are many, many questions and concerns that run through ones mind when seriously considering homeschooling. At HS Loft, we want to encourage and help in all aspects of homeschooling. Our Consultant will first and foremost hear and answer the best she can all the pressing thoughts and questions that you have. She will also help you with all aspects of curriculum, scheduling, daily life plan, extra curricular and social activities.

You can receive whatever level of help you need. For instance, The first hour is $25 and all other consecutive conferences are only $20 per hour. If you are local, meaning you can drive to the Roswell GA store, you may have your consultation in person (recommended) or via phone. Currently, HS Loft can only assist those of you outside of the Atlanta area by phone and mail (both email and snail mail)

What are you waiting for! now that you’ve decided that homeschooling is a possibility, make it flourish!

Potty Training & Phonics: What’s the Connection?

In my opinion,  a lot more than you think!

Here is a list of similarities:

1. Both are paramount skills that one must learn in life.

2. Both seem insurmountable to the first time mom.

3. Both have a timing factor: you may be ready but your child must be on board  too or forget it.

4. Both have way too many people and companies making it more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

5.  Once your mission is accomplished you can’t believe you fretted so much over it!

So remember, no one goes off to college still in diapers and you won’t even be going to college until you can read anyway!

Fear not, both will be accomplished. No need to fret or stress out, just take a deep breathe and live in the present moment.

If you want or need advice on choosing a phonics program, call HS Loft New & Used Homeschool Bookstore for a curriculum consultant at 770-552-0034 or email stephanie@hsloft.com

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Stephanie Doyle

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Free To Be and To Teach About Chocolate!

Oh the exhilarating freedom of homeschooling!! It at times must be the same feeling one has if you were to sky dive. Please somebody let me know because although I won’t blink an eyelash as I jump off the homeschool mountain I can assure you that I will not be jumping off a real mountain in the near future. But now let’s get back to the important stuff like chocolate.

You see it is my turn to teach class at co-op and this fall semester we are focusing on inventions. I happened to believe that the chocolate bar is a worthy invention that all should know about. Do you know where the cocoa beans comes from? At this point I am assuming that you knew that chocolate starts out as a bean, a bitter one at that.  What continent did it travel to in the 1500’s and who brought it there? Who was able to get it and in what form? What did Francis Fry have to do with anything? What is the story of competition with Hershey, Godiva, Ghirardelli & Nestle? Most importantly, who makes the best chocolate?? 🙂

Today I search Atlanta for raw or roasted cocoa beans. I thought I had it all taken care of when I thought , “Ah..Dekalb Farmers Market will have it.” Good thing I called yesterday, they don’t. Well, I least I know where to get the taste samples from!

So there you have it ….chocolate and homeschool, what more do I need?

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LLATL users wanted for their wisdom!!

Hi my fellow homeschoolers,

I would love to hear from those of you who use LLATL and share we the world your thoughts and comments on the program. I have never used it but I like the way it looks and what it offers. Share your experience and pros and cons with other homeschoolers. I know Cathy Duffy likes it but do you?

Looking forward to reading your comments


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HS Loft Needs You

Hi Everyone!

Please do not hesitate to leave comments. I really want this blog to have good information and I don’t have it all! Please share comments and reviews on ANY book/curriculum I list.

Thank you


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The Wise Fairy

The Wise Fairy by Alice Cary

Once, in a rough wild country,

On the other side of the sea,

There lived a dear little fairy,

And her home was in a tree;

A dear little, wise little fairy,

And as rich and she could be.

To northward and to southward,

She could overlook the land,

And that was why she had her house

In a tree, you understand.

For she was the friend of the friendless,

And her heart was in her hand.

And when she saw poor women

Patiently, day by day,

Spinning, spinning and spinning

Their lonesome lives away,

She would hide in the flax of their distaffs

A lump of gold, they say.

And when she saw poor ditchers,

Knee-deep in some wet dike,

Digging, digging, and digging,

To their very graves, belike,

She would hide a shining lump of gold

Where their spades would be sure to strike.

And when she saw poor children

Their goats from the pastures take,

Or saw them milking and milking,

Till their arms were ready to break,

What a splashing in the milking pails

Her gifts of gold would make!

Sometimes, in the night, a fisher

Would bear her sweet low call,

And all t once a salmon of gold

Right out of his net would fall;

But what I have to tell you

Is the strangest thing of all.

If any ditcher, or fisher

Or child or spinner old,

Bought shoes for his feet, or bread to eat,

Or a coat to keep from the cold,

The gift of the good old fairy

Was always trusty gold.

But is a dithcer, or a fisher,

Or a spinner, or child so gay,

Bought jewels, or wine, or silks so fine,

Or stacked his pleasure at play,

The fairy’s gold in his very hold

Would turn to a lump of clay.

So, by and by, the people

Got open their stupid eyes;

“We must learn to spend to some good end,”

They said, “if we are wise;

‘Tis not in the gold we waste or hold,

That a golden blessing lies.”

Isn’t that an awesome poem? That was part of my 4th grade daughter’s assignment in Language Arts yesterday.


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I Am Just The Lead Student, That’s All


I am getting close to not calling myself a homeschool teacher anymore. I think I prefer lead student instead. For some background information first,  I have a 3 year old, a 7 year old in 2nd grade and a 9 year old in 4th grade. My favorite subject this year is Latin. Quite frankly, I was dreading it because grammar is not my strong point. It has always caused me headaches and anxiety. If you do end up following this blog your doubts about the truth to that statement will be put to rest quickly.

First, I think that I am enjoying Latin for two reasons. First being that Prima Latina is an excellent start to learning Latin if, like me, you have NEVER encountered it in your life. However, it is the second reason that I am delighting in so much. It is the first time in our homeschooling life that the playing field is level. I know no more or no less than my daughters. It is fun to be a homeschool student! I am very tempted to toss my teachers manual out and buy myself a workbook too!

The graces and gifts the our Lord gives us in our homeschooling journey is so many but just as in all aspects of life, it is so easy to miss. I should know. I am an expert at that. God willing, today I will miss one less.



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