Peppermint Pencils….They are the neatest pencils I know of

peppermint pencil

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Peppermint Pencil….oh how I wish your nose could work over the Internet.

Our Peppermint Pencil is simply a wonderful gift or reward for your student. It is great when a child is struggling through a subject to pull out the Peppermint Pencil for some extra motivation. These pencils are also great when taking tests. (Order now before the test season is upon you in October!) Some say these pencils actually improve test scores. I’m not kidding. Apparently the peppermint scent awakens certain chemicals in the brain. I know I need all the help I can get. These aromatic instruments make great gifts, stocking stuffers, present toppers, rewards, and are an enhancement to the learning experience.

Note: The scent does last the life of the pencil. At least the one we own do!

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  1. I am glad to know about peppermint pencils. Never though of it. Your blog looks perfect.

  2. Thank you! Where’s your order? We do ship to the UK! 🙂


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