A Beka Arthimetic 1 Teachers Edition $14.25

arithmetic 1 abeka

Tonight I am focusing on Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) books.

You save $9.75 if you buy it from HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore, click here.

We have used A Beka math for a long time. It is a great math program. My oldest daughter is now doing 5th grade A Beka math. Even if you switch to something else in the future, like MODG suggests, you will be giving your student a good, strong start.


Latina Christiana I & II Laminated Charts $19.25

latina charts

Tonight I am focusing on Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) books.

You save $15.75 if you buy from HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore, click here.

If you have the space, these are great.

The Story of the Church $13.75

the story of the churchTonight I am focusing on Mother of Divine Grace tonight (MODG).

The Story of the Church is for 7th grade religion. You save $8.75 if you purchase it at HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore. Click here to view.

Darwin’s Black Box $9.75

Tonight I am focusing on Mother of Divine Grace Books. (MODG)

Next up is, Darwin’s Black Box at only $9.75 at HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore. Click here to view.

This is for 11th grade science (biology).

I would love a review written for this one too because my oldest is only in 4th grade!

Adam Of The Road $5.25

Tonight I am focusing on Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) books.

First up is Adam of the Road novel. You save $2.75 if you purchase it from HS Loft Homeschool Bookstore. Click Here

It is for 8th grade under History. It is a story set in 13th century England about a boy named Adam who is in search for his father and dog who have disappeared.

Feel free to leave reviews.


We have just received some wonderful new inventory. it would be great for both the individiual and for a small private or hoomeschool hybrid school.

We have 30 Companeros Book 1 Spanish textbook for high school

We have 29 Spanish Is Fun hardback text/work books. These are great because they are like a workbook and a textbook all in one.

We have 33 Voyages in English Writing and Grammar 6 textbooks from Loyola Press (Copyright 1999)

Make Money…Sell Your Homeschool Books

Are your bookcases and school room bursting at the seams with curriculum and workbooks and readers?
Tired of going through a shelf full of books looking for the one you need this year?
Looking to stretch your budget a bit further? We can help!

Selling your homeschool books to HS Loft is easy. Here’s how:

1. Clean out your school room, living room and all bookcases.

2. Email Stephanie* your list from the comfort of your own home or you may come by the store on Tuesday from 1-4pm. If you choose to come to the store on Tuesday I will have your offer ready for you by the following Tuesday.

Be sure to include title, publishing company, edition number (i.e. 2nd, 3rd), copyright year and/or company code on back of book (for example on A Beka you would only need to enter the first 5 digits on the code on the back, BJU has one by the barcode) and condition of book and any missing pages or writing in it.

3. We will evaluate your books and extended on offer to purchase from you.

4.You walk out of the store with $$$, and maybe a new book or two that you actually need to have in your school room!

No more tedious listing on ebay or craigslist or a swap board! No more waiting until the once a year sale comes along with your group! No more dragging all the kids out on a cold rainy day just to mail a package to someone who bought one book from you just to turn around and have to do it all again in a few days for someone else!

* Stephanie’s email is: stephanie@hsloft.com

** Even homeschool books have a shelf level. Books that are less then 5 years old will sell better than those that are not due to changes in editions and condition.

***To those of you all that live outside of our area you still may be able to benefit. If you have enough books to sell, your offer to purchase from us may be high enough to not only cover the cost of media mail shipping but still make a profit and space on your shelves! Give it a try. It is only an email away!

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